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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nirvana Live on Planet Earth: Whats The Name Nirvana Mean?

The Buddha describes the abiding in Nirvāṇa as "deathlessness" (Pali: amata or amaravati) or "the unconditioned" and as the highest spiritual attainment, the natural result that accrues to one who lives a life of virtuous conduct and practise in accordance with the Noble Eightfold Path. Such a life dissolves the causes for future becoming (Skt, karma; Pali, kamma) that otherwise keep beings forever wandering through the impermanent and suffering-generating realms of desire, form, and formlessness, termed samsara.

they were originally called skid row but after the other skid row became more popular Kurt decided on Nirvana (the buhdist state of enlightment) because he liked its eeriness and mysteriousness (coincidentally this name was also already taking by an older band, who released some albums but never became hugely popular).

Nirvana is a state of nothingness, complete contentment, not needing or wanting anything, no emotions. It's a Buddhist concept, and Kurt may have felt this way, or wanted to.

The name was actually picked cause they just saw it on a poster and kurt liked the word. he didn't even know what it meant until someone told him later. they wanted to change their name but they ended up having to pay $50,000. dollars to another band that had the same name in europe for a name they didn't even like. - other people that wrote things for the name of nirvana please don't be an idiot, research before you write things.

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