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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nirvana Live on Planet Earth. Band Members

Kurt Cobain on lead guitar and vocals, Dave Grohl on drums and Krist Novoselic on bass.

Although the original lineup included drummer Chad Channing and guitarist Jason Evermann (Dave Grohl wouldn't join until 1991).
Their rock anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is described as "a wake-up call to a generation". The album "Nevermind" hit No. 1 in February of 1992. Followed up by album In Utero. On March 1, 1994 Kurt Cobain took a near-fatal overdose of a prescription sedative in Rome after the end of the band's European tour. Cobain entered a drug-rehabilitation clinic in California, but left soon after. On April 8th 1994 Kurt Cobain was found dead in his house. A shotgun was found at the scene. His death was ruled a suicide, but some believe he was murdered. Since Cobain's death, drummer Dave Grohl has become lead guitarist for the successful rock band the Foo Fighters while Krist Novoselic has left the music industry to concentrate on politics.
Band members

Kurt Cobain - vocals, guitar

Krist Novoselic - bass

Aaron Burckhard - drums (1987–1988)

Dale Crover - drums (1987–1988, 1990)

Dave Foster - drums (1988)

Chad Channing - drums (1988–1990)

Jason Everman - guitar (1989)

Dan Peters - drums (1990)

Dave Grohl - drums (1990–1994)

Pat Smear - guitar (1993–1994)

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